Judge Kimberly DiGiovanni

Proudly endorsed by

Linda Davenport
Appellate Court Justice
Attorney Jamie Mosser
Kane County State's Attorney
Theresa Barreiro
Circuit Court Clerk
Mavis Bates
Kane County Board Member
Michelle Gumz
Kane County Board Member
Diana Law
Kane County Public Guardian
Stephanie Kifowit
State Representative
Carolyn Bird Salazar
North Aurora Village Trustee
Kristen Ziman
Retired Aurora Police Chief
Jeff Swoboda
Former Police Chief Elgin
Grant Wegner
Former Chief Judge 16th District
Keith Brown
Former Chief Judge 16th District
Julio Valdez
Judge 16th District
Michael Colwell
Former Circuit Appeal Judge
Bill Catching
Aurora Township Supervisor
Emmanuel Llamas
Aurora Alderman, Ward 1
Jason Owen
Aurora Township Highway Supervisor
Michelle Gumz
Kane County Board
Dan Barreiro
East Aurora S. D. 131 Board member
Diana Law
Public Guardian of Kane County
Juan Sifuentes
East Aurora S. D. 131 Board member
Thomas Mueller
Retired Circuit Judge
Joe McMahon
Former States Attorney
Tom St. Jules
West Aurora S.D. 129 Board member
Ron Hain
Kane County Sheriff
Lora Vitek
St. Charles Mayor

Trailblazing women

Judge Kim DiGiovanni was appointed by Democratic Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Rochford – the first Democrat elected to represent our area in the Supreme Court in the modern era. DiGiovanni is proudly endorsed by Appellate Court Justice Linda Davenport — whose historic election in 2018 ushered in a new era of Democratic women Judges in the western suburbs – and Kane County’s accomplished Democratic State’s Attorney Jamie Mosser and Circuit Court Clerk Theresa Barreiro.

For its first 150 years Kane County did not have a single woman Judge.  Now, Judge DiGiovanni is one of just four women Judges – out of 14 – serving as a Kane County Circuit Court Judge.

It has never been more important to elect Judges who respect women’s rights – including reproductive rights – under Illinois law. Prior to her judicial career, DiGiovanni helped women in need access reproductive health clinics – providing comfort and empathy at incredibly difficult times in their lives. Judge DiGiovanni will always follow the laws of the State of Illinois which protect women’s safe legal access to personal medical decisions.

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Judge DiGiovanni has distinguished herself as an associate judge and has previous experience as a practitioner in criminal and family law...She has also demonstrated a commitment to legal, judicial, and community service throughout her career
Justice Elizabeth M. Rochford